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UK Skateboarding Association
The improvement of skate park facilities is the UKSA's core business. It is voluntarily run by a collective who are driven by skateboarding and the goal of improving the parks which are built within the UK. The UKSA also act as an information resource, ensuring that people looking for contacts in the Skateboarding world are pointed in the right direction.

Skaters For Public Skateparks
Every skatepark is the result of a successfully executed process...

Sidewalk Magazine
Sidewalk is the leading skateboarding community and online home of Sidewalk Skateboarding Magazine.

Caught In The Crossfire
Caught in the crossfire is an online UK magazine promoting “Unadulterated Malarkey for drunken youth.”

SK8M8 combines the most extensive list of UK skateparks with the worlds most advanced skatepark search engine. The parks in the sk8m8 database have been researched by contacting councils and skatepark builders. The database contains over 1000 skateparks.

Skatepark Pages
A huge skatepark database, both factual and creative featuring pictures, videos, interviews and industry related articles. All your skateboard and BMX needs right here under one roof.

Cantelowes Skatepark
The Cantelocals, Cantelowes skatepark website.

Courtesy of Caught in the Crossfire:
Quicksilver Bowl Riders 2008
Quicksilver Bowl Riders 2007
Cantelowes Opening

Tolworth Opening, Kingston
Hereford Skatepark


Pop Skate Shop,
Skateboard and Lifestyle Store.
Link to the Pop Shop

Funding Resources:

See also the Get a Park section. and search for your local authority.

Photography & Friends:

Ben 'Farrell' Adams
Photography & film making
Olly Hayles
Sculpture and Design
Gorminator Photography
Fergus Coyle Photography
Mynath Distribution
Matthew Sefton
Andy Walker Photography
Stan 'Stanyal' Platford Photography
Jon Sheedy Photography
Jason Lewer Photography
Lee Fryer Photography
Tom Drake Photography
Benji Cooper Photography

Wheelscape in the Press:

Caught in the Crossfire article
The story of how Cantelowes skatepark came to be built

Build Magazine article
“Look at the finish on that!” exclaims Matt Elms, crouching to run his finger along a paper-smooth block of solid concrete with a gleaming stainless-steel edge...