Ye Ol Battle O Hastings €1066

Ye Ol Battle O Hastings €1066

The day is going to be massive...

As well as all that's going on in the day, we have a VIP BBQ (for all entries to the comp) from 7-9 at The Source skate-shop with free drinks.

From 10pm til 1am there's an after party at The Crypt night club, VIP entry free, otherwise £5 with half that going to Phase 2 of the build.

Come and make a weekend of it down in the South East!
Shoreham Santa Cruz bowl riders comp is happening on the Sunday after. Or, if you're heading South West direction, the Official Opening of Teignmouth Skatepark.

Construction finishes by next weekend. Check it out... here!

Please forward this on to all interested parties...

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