Location: Off Bedford Road, Northampton, NN1 5PZ Opposite the Ford Garage

The much anticipated Northampton skatepark is now fully complete and open to shredders across the country. We were thrilled when the locals decided to name it Radlands Plaza after the original 90’s Radlands skatepark. As the name suggests this is a full on plaza, full of ledges, rails, manny pads, sliders, kickers, hips and banks of all varieties. The park is set out so that it has an outer looping section and a middle strip which can all be combined via hips and banks to give non stop lines, but also allows for areas to be split down into sections to be sessioned individually when the park gets busier. The top raised section has a long low quarter pipe which leads you down into any of the sections you choose. You can flow down into the mini ramp area which has hips on either side and leads you out into the wedge and kicker gap ledge section, or make your way down the central stairs into the middle strip which has a large raised pad on either side - both with a variety of hubbas, stairs, rails, ledges and manual pads which all lead into the full concrete curb slider. Or fly down the mini Carlsbad style gap with hubba into the long bank to block which allows you to pump round and make your attack on any of the three block combos which lay before you. These all then lead to the huge three sided hip with bench on top which allow you to direct yourself back into any of these three lines and back around the whole plaza. The park has such a big spacey feel with endless lines and flow and with its unique red and black coloured concrete styling is easily recognisable and looks sick on film. We hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Tom Randall Photography
Milk Skateboards @ NorthamptonMilk Skateboards @ NorthamptonMilk Skateboards @ NorthamptonMilk Skateboards @ Northampton
Louis Gane Photography

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