Location: New Street Recreation Ground, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 4BT

The residents of Northamptonshire have another Wheelscape Park to add to their collection. The skatepark on New Street Recreation Ground in Daventry is well worth a visit.
Whether you prefer street obstacles, long mini ramp grinds, big jump box airs or endless lines this park has something for everyone. The Miniramp section hips off back into the street course which has a brick print hip and steep bank along with the classic stair set, handrail/hubba ledge combo. You can get speed for the level change from the starting flat bank or off the brick platform into the red bank, inspired by one of Daventry's no longer usable street spots.

Official Opening Ceremony - Photo by jackwestheadphotography.daportfolio.com
Nollie Hardflip - Photo by jackwestheadphotography.daportfolio.comBackflip - Photo by jackwestheadphotography.daportfolio.comBS 5-0 - Photo by jackwestheadphotography.daportfolio.comVarial Heel - Photo by jackwestheadphotography.daportfolio.comFlip Manny, Flip Out - Photo by jackwestheadphotography.daportfolio.com

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