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Why a Skatepark is a Good Idea ...

"A marked drop of 34.9% in levels of youth disorder was recorded in Beat 6, where the skatepark is located, since 2002-2006. Anecdotal evidence suggests that there is a code of honour among those who attend the skatepark. This encourages youths to behave appropriately for fear of spoiling it for others"
Strathclyde Police Report.

A well-designed skatepark provides many of the following benefits:

Community ownership of a local resource
Gathering a group of creative individuals from many sections of the community can contribute to a sense of ownership of the space. This results in more respect from local users and lessens risk of vandalism whilst positively contributing to the cultural heritage of a town or city.

A healthy and exciting challenge
The personal challenges offered by extreme sports create enjoyment through learning how to overcome obstacles and use energy creatively. In an encouraging social environment, this excitement is a positive way of promoting exercise and maintaining good health.

Exciting, urban integrated landscaping
Our parks are designed to be sympathetic to the local environment, while giving an intriguing visual focus, and preserving other public spaces. The damage to a town or cities landscapes mainly due to ‘grinding’ along kerbs, benches or low walls is often because skaters or BMX riders have nowhere else to go.

A safe and attractive place for young people to gather
Providing a positive space for young people is proven to be a constructive way to produce a happier more vibrant community. These kinds of social and environmental strategies are a vital part of combating street crime and anti-social behaviour.

A sport growing in popularity
BMX riding has just been accepted as an Olympic sport and skateboarding is also being seriously considered. These extreme sports have grown at an exponential rate since the 1970s. The extreme sports are still a rapidly growing area that should be supported and actively encouraged.

A street culture based on respect
The skating and BMX culture is based on mutual respect, social networking, artistic expression and an appreciation of the environment. It’s a way of life that can be learned early, and is proven positively effect those who take part. This is particularly evident at skateparks, which are nurturing the potential for a more caring community. Go to a skatepark and see for yourself!

Bringing the community together
We are all aware of the need to channel young people’s potential, and bring the community together. Time and time again creating a skatepark has also helped create a more positive and diverse community, as young people, local residents, local councils, and MPs unite around a shared vision.